Black Rock Primary School - School Philosophy

School Philosophy

The school encourages a caring atmosphere where children feel emotionally, socially and physically secure. In this environment, critical thinking, the freedom and confidence to question, reflective learning, problem solving, negotiation skill development are all integral parts of the curriculum.

The school supports open participation and regular communication between teachers and parents. The Friendly Schools Program was introduced in 2016 and will become an important part of the school community's wellbeing.

Parents are an important part of the school community and we are supported by their assistance in activities such as reading, Perceptual Motor Program, sport, library and Bike Education.

Parents also play an active role in the maintenance of school grounds and buildings, including the gardens, lawns and school oval as well as providing support. All these contribute to the provision of a broad and stimulating learning environment. It has an active School Council, Class Parent Scheme and Uniform Shop. Fund raising functions including balls, fetes and family days, working bees, information evenings, parent professional development programs, class programs involving parents, and regular reporting to parents are all integral parts of the Black Rock culture.

The school community works hard at maintaining the friendly, cooperative spirit between parents and staff, the scope and depth of the curriculum, and the quality of teaching. It has a well developed team approach to leadership and decision making as evidenced by the collaborative approach at School Council and staff meetings.

Children wear their uniforms with pride. Black Rock Primary is a school with optimal surroundings, excellence in education and warmth of environment.

Black Rock Primary School provides its comprehensive curriculum in a non-discriminatory environment. The staff at Black Rock recognise the need to cater for the uniqueness of all students. Each child is assisted to develop to her/his full potential in an atmosphere that encourages learning, self motivation and a commitment to excellence.

The curriculum programs are based on the Department of Education and early Childhood Development guidelines. We have a range of programs in place to meet the needs of specific groups of children. The learning environment is one where the children are active participants in their own learning and are safe and happy.

The school's policies and programs encompass the Victorian Curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Civics and Citizenship, LOTE (Chinese), Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Design, Creativity and Technology and Humanities It offers programs to support students with specific learning needs, including targeted reading intervention and high-abilities programs in English and Maths. 
The school also offers a program for children with disabilities.

Children attend specialist classes in Physical Education, Library, Art/Craft, Music and Chinese.

The curriculum is enhanced by the provision of learning experiences in Computers (the school is e-smart), Life Education, Bike Ed., Camping, Excursions, Swimming and Interschool Sport. In addition, there is on offer a Junior School Council, school choir, student band, a sustainability council and an Outside School Hours Care Program which encompasses before and after school as well as school holidays.

Recognising the need to keep abreast of current educational trends and of societal needs, we acknowledge the need to encourage our students to access information from a range of sources and have provided the technology, including IPads in the older grades, to enable students to communicate and learn from others via the Internet and email.