Black Rock Primary School - School Rules

School Rules


At Black Rock Primary School we believe that teachers have the right to teach and that every child should have the opportunity to learn without interference.

We expect all children to behave appropriately. Teachers acknowledge and encourage behaviour that is in accord with the sentiments expressed below. It is also expected that the home environment will support the school's beliefs, reinforcing the school's expectations.


  1. This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Student Welfare Policy.

  2. Each class (teachers and students), will co-operatively develop class rules at the beginning of each year so that everyone has input, and that all concerned understand the expectations and consequences.

  3. In the event of inappropriate behaviour,procedures have been set in place.

  4. Children will not be allowed in classrooms or the corridors without supervision.

  5. Injured children are to go to the teachers on duty or to the staff room where a first aid officer is always on duty.

  6. Children are to remain seated at lunchtime until the "play" bell rings. All litter and food scraps are to be placed in the bins provided.

  7. All children must be sensibly assembled at the conclusion of recess and lunch periods.

  8. In the event of inappropriate yard behaviour the following procedures will be followed:

  9. Warning given to the child.

  10. Child will walk with the teacher on duty or sit in the quiet area of the yard.

  11. Child will be referred to the Student Welfare Officer.

  12. If the child acts inappropriately on a regular basis, the Student Welfare Officer will arrange to send a letter home to the parents informing them of their child's behaviour.

  13. If the child's behaviour is dangerous or violent, the Principal or Assistant Principal will be involved immediately.

Inside the classroom:

The following are the expectations for yard behaviour: