Black Rock Primary School - Outside School Hours Care - Camp Australia

Outside School Hours Care - Camp Australia

Camp Australia 

Your OSHC gives children enriching before and after school and pupil-free day experiences.  Camp Australia’s dedicated approach provides a service that is tailored to Black Rock Primary School, ensuring that the evolving requirements of your child, school and community are met. 

Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires 

 Your OSHC is unique and tailored to the educational ethos and values Black Rock Primary School and the individual needs of the children in the service.  In every before and after school session your coordinator designs a featured activity to engage the children.  Complementing the feature activity are experience zones that give children the freedom of choice and guide them to learn through play.  Our Pupil-Free Day sessions have at least three key feature activities, based around family and child feedback.   

 Rocketeers – Extraordinary Holiday Adventures 

Escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary.  Your open and inclusive Rocketeers Crew at Black Rock Primary School truly understand that the school holidays are for your children, and they are dedicated to designing tailored and thoughtful programs, ensuring they have the best holiday break. 

For Your OSHC and Rocketeers program details, registration, hours and current pricing please follow this link - Camp Australia