Black Rock Primary School - Maths


Mathematics teaches students how to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, reason and problem solve. It enables students to understand relationships and patterns in both number and space.

As a result of learning mathematics at Black Rock Primary School all children will be encouraged and assisted to:

At Black Rock Primary School, a maths lesson begins with a ‘Tune In’ to engage the students and to introduce the topic, followed by a Whole Class Model, before either individual whole class work or three fluid groups (topic dependent). We use websites such as Mathletics and Essential Assessment to help assist us with our teaching and to provide opportunities for pre and post assessment tasks to determine students understanding of topics.

The following links provide students with great interactive activities to help develop and consolidate maths skills being taught in the classroom.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids
ABC Splash
ABC Count Us In
Arcademic Skill Builders
Cool Maths for Kids
Cool Math
IXL Maths
Khan Academy
Maths Starter of the Day
XP Maths