Black Rock Primary School - Our School

Our School

Black Rock Primary School has an enrolment of 603 students and is located in a beachside suburb of Melbourne. Our fundamental purpose is to provide a dynamic learning climate that engages students to achieve their personal best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation towards society and the environment.

At Black Rock Primary School we are concerned with the development of the whole child which includes Academic, Physical, Emotional, Social and Creative growth.

The following values are seen as being central to life at our school and we attempt to apply these in our everyday dealings with each other and in the development of our programs and policies:- Respect, Strong Relationships, Teamwork, Learning, Innovation and Environmentalism.

As we challenge each of our students to achieve his/her full potential we are supported by staff and parents whose enthusiastic efforts continue to ensure the provision of the best possible outcomes and learning environment for the students at Black Rock Primary School.