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Cyber Safety

Young people today are immersed in digital technologies. They use the Internet and mobile phones to socialise, study, exchange ideas and play. While online activity has many benefits, there are also risks. Black Rock Primary School takes the security of your children on the Internet extremely seriously; it is very important that as a school community we work together to ensure your child’s safety.

Black Rock Primary School is committed to providing a safe, secure and caring learning environment for all its students. At Black Rock Primary School we use the Internet and digital devices as learning tools to improve student learning outcomes by increasing access to and engagement with worldwide information. The school embraces the benefits of technology and is committed to reducing students’ exposure to cyber-risks when using the Internet, mobile phones and other electronic personal devices.

We believe that the school community as a whole has a responsibility for the safety of the students at Black Rock Primary School, and that cyber safety is best taught in partnership between school and home.

The following links provided by the "Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner" provide a comprehensive selection of resources to support parents in guiding students to stay safe online.


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